Orange Bat® cutout tool

At the core of the system is the Orange Bat® cut out system where you can cut or anchor from either side which removing auto glass.

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ORANGE BAT®       kit

The complete kit which includes the Orange Bat® shown here is compact and portable for easy auto glass removal.

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WRDspider® RDFK-01 OEM kit

If you're looking for an automotive OEM Compliant kit for certification, Robaina Direct has the exclusive package

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We are the glass removal tool professionals choose for safe, fast and car manufacturer approved systems. We started with our original 002s Spider System (our second generation) and impacted in the auto glass industry. Then we introduced our WRDspider® RDFK-01 kit for OEM automotive certified programs.

Our latest release is our ORANGE BAT® that integrates both the cutting tool and the anchor device all in one. This makes certain glass removal processes a little easier to setup and cut.

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